The 4 best spots to skate in Montreal

You want to find best spots in Montreal (Canada) ? Read this article and discover the best spots to practice your skateboard, roller-blade, scooter, and BMX skills.

Why Montreal is a great place to ride ?

Montreal is a gold mine for skate spots (all spots here). Indeed, it was designated as the “skate town” of the year 2019 in its annual T-Eddy Awards exclusive of the famous Trasher Magazine. The only issue is the territory which is quite huge to cover. That’s why you can find below some of the best spots by district.

“Montreal is not only the skate capital of Canada, it’s also one of the most popular cities for riders from all over the world.”

Where can i find the best spots ?

If you want to see all located spots in Montreal or Canada you can click here. This article will focus on the 4 best spots to skate in Montreal. 

4. Project45 DIY skatepark

This oudoor and DIY skatepark is very unique. It offers a lot of possibilities through gaps, ledges, quarters, transitions and banks. The park is public and created by Skaters for Skaters. Enjoy it but you have to know something it is not for beginners so be aware of that if you go there

Click here to see the spot.
Click here to see the instagram page.
Video :

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3. La Fontaine park

Many spots in only one park. On the south side of the park in front of the hospital on Sherbrooke Street, there is a flatground, wallride and a marble bench. Along the park on Sherbrooke and there is the famous Gap to Ledge. Inside the park (close to the lake), there is a natural bump. Near to the small bridge (in the middle of the park), there are two sets of steps with rails and also skinny banks to drop down.
Click here to see the spot

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2. Olympic stadium

First, let’s start with the legendary Big O which is a famous ramp-shaped structure that was used as an entrance for Olympic athletes. The O was moved and saved a couple years ago and is now legal for skateboarding. Then, you have the flags part of the stadium, that’s also filled with spots : wallrides, Ledges, steps, etc. There is a famous competition at the Olympic stadium, the Dime event street challenge (video below).

Click here to see the spot (and also the Dime event)
Click here to see more info on the 2019 Dime event
Video : 

Location on Google Map

1. Peace Park

For street skateboarding fans, it is a great spot. It has a bunch of obstacles ranging from marble ledges around the park to bumps over cans, metal ledge, flatbars and steps. Overall, Montreal’s Peace Park is the first public park in the world where skateboarding has been legalized (but that wasn’t always the case).
Click here to see the spot
Click here for the official website

Click here to see more informations on the spot (Peace Park Park Documentary)

Video :

Location on Google Map

Image credit A J Butler : here


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